Meet Travis.

Travis removes barriers in orientation & mobility for people with sight loss, through multisensory augmented reality.

The ultimate personal assistant in a discreet add-on to you smartphone.

Travis back on phone cut wider

Your perfect mobility partner

A one-stop-shop for your orientation & mobility needs.

Award-winning technology

  • Masschallenge winner award
  • 8200 impact accelerator
  • Israel innovation authority logo
  • Wework Creator Awards
  • Techcode competition
  • Startupfest Logo
  • Poalim פועלים

As seen in

In the palm of your hands.


Sense the depths of your surroundings by vibration, and enjoy our smart & flexible obstacle alert.


Know important objects & signs in front by our advanced computer vision. 


Travis helps you navigate in routes saved by you & others, and connects with third-party navigation apps.

an image of a room with a visual layer on top of the room objects. In the layer, there are red alert triangles; text bubbles with description of objects; and a blue line on the floor showing the path forward

A new category in the world of assistive technology

Travis unlocks your smartphone potential, with unprecedented, unique features.

  • Personalized

    Too much information is no information. This is why we made Travis personalized to your specific vision condition, your habits, and your paths.

  • Multisensory

    Travis is based on IP-protected, scientifically validated algorithms conveying visual information through multiple senses: sound, vibration, and vision. The balance between the senses is adjusted by your specific needs and condition.

  • Discreet

    Our small, uniquely designed smartphone add-on is used with the phone held in a resting state in your hand - making it virtually impossible to know that you are holding a camera or an assistive aid.

  • Portable

    No more forgetting. With Travis attached to your smartphone, it's always with you. To use it - just insert the cable to your phone and get going.

  • Integrations

    Travis integrates with various mobile applications, both ones that are made specifically for the visually impaired community and other relevant apps - to provide the relevant solution to each use case.

  • Only what's relevant

    Too much information is no information. This is why we made Travis personalized to your specific vision condition and your orientation & mobility habits.

People with sight loss can achieve anything.

It's the time, stress & cognitive energies needed for daily-life tasks, that creates a barrier.

We are here to change that. In RenewSenses, we are into dramatically reducing the time and energy involved in orientation & mobility, enabling our users to focus on fulfilling their goals and ambitions.

Travis was developed by and with the community. Join us for our mission in developing the next-gen companion for people with sight loss.

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